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Since its launch on December 18, 2021, EVOVERSE has navigated all the ups and downs of the dynamic cryptogaming market. In 2022, we launched our version of the Card Game in SURVIVAL mode and, at the end of 2023, we presented the version in PVP (Player vs Player) mode, both in ALFA. We continue to work and continually improve the experience and gameplay of both versions.


In the promotional sphere, in 2022, we sponsored a team in the PORSCHE CUP , displaying our brand both on the racing cars and on the drivers' overalls. In 2023, it was our turn to sponsor EVOVERSE in a team at COPA TRUCK , both competitions based in Brazil. These initiatives provided significant visibility on television channels, magazines and digital media.

We are among the pioneers of cryptogames and demonstrate excellence in security: our website and game suffer thousands of attempted hacker attacks daily, but we keep our platform safe and operational.

We also stand out for our resilience. Despite market fluctuations and inherent challenges, we remain firm, strengthening our foundations in this market that, for many, seemed ephemeral, but which is now proving to be promising and long-lasting.

Entrepreneurship in the cryptogames market is a considerable challenge. However, we continue to move forward, overcoming daily difficulties and consolidating our position in this incredible world of games.

With this vision, we are ready to take a significant step: we will evolve from a Card Game to a complete gaming platform. Over the past two years, it has become clear that developing a single cryptogame is not enough to sustain a robust blockchain-based gaming economy.

Based on this conclusion, we see it as essential to offer a variety of games that use our cryptocurrencies, thus creating a more stable and lasting economy. This is how the EVOVERSE GAMING PLATFORM was born! In addition to our Card Game in SURVIVAL and PVP modes, the platform will include new own and third-party games, all integrated through our currencies.

To facilitate the development of this new phase and help the project cover its costs, we are launching initial liquidity for our coins in version 2.0, EVS2 and EPW2. Participants of our AIRDROP , which will be launched in the next few days, will receive EVS2 coins and character boxes from our new cryptogame, which is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2024, more precisely in Q4.

In 2024, we will prepare to, in the first half of 2025, begin receiving applications from cryptogames interested in joining our platform and making their games available to our community of players.

For more information on how you can participate in our AIRDROP and embark on this exciting journey into the world of cryptogames, access our WHITEPAPER using the button below:

In 2022, we had the honor of participating, with a stand of more than 500m², in the Brasil Games Show (BGS) , one of the largest games fairs in the world. We were one of the first cryptogames to physically present itself on the gaming market and participate in an event of this magnitude. In 2023, we will reinforce our presence with a large stand, as in the previous year, being the only cryptogame to exhibit at this important international event.

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